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Cup of Compassion - it's coffee for a cause!

With each sip of your morning java, you could be unleashing hope for farmers in Africa.

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How It Works

We currently offer 12 oz bags and a bulk sized 60 oz bag of three different Liberian coffee blends and two Ugandan products: Justice Java (medium-dark roast), Promise Perk (dark roast), Liberia Light (light-to-medium roast), and Pearl of Africa (a Ugandan medium roast), and a mountain-grown 100% arabica, medium roast from Uganda called Rwenzori Roast. These products are available individually or as part of a monthly membership. Order whole bean or, pre-ground for your convenience.

Why Cup of Compassion

Cup of Compassion is a product of Compassion Corps, a coalition of concern, intent on alleviating suffering and advancing development in northern Africa through strategic partnerships. In the endeavor of launching this coffee social enterprise, those partnerships took the form of contracts with African, smallholder farmers. We’re aiming to revitalize the Liberian coffee market and expand opportunity for remote mountain coffee farmers in Uganda.

Our Process

Smallholder farmers and their families work together to harvest and process their coffee crop by hand. They gather, dry, pound, fan, sort and bag as they prepare their product for export. Bags are weighed and Compassion Corps’ trusted field agents are there to pay the farmers a good price for their product. “Farmer Direct” coffee beans are then shipped by ocean freight to the East Coast, roasted and then finally packaged in Chester, PA. Check out more details about our process.

Our Farmers Harvest Some of Africa’s Best Coffee

Cup of Compassion

We’re Empowering African Farmers to Rebuild With Dignity

We’ve identified the best beans, built lasting partnerships and offered a fair price.
Now Cup of Compassion is ready for you!

The History of Our Company:

Compassion Corps, a nonprofit, charitable organization based in southeastern Pennsylvania, has spent the last decade partnering with indigenous African leaders to facilitate economic development in some of the world’s most poverty-stricken communities. From irrigation systems for farmers to handcraft supplies and business training for women, the organization has offered a wide variety of helpful resources through the years.

But it wasn’t until 2012, on a short term trip to Liberia that CEO, Jan Bean, made a discovery that would capture the attention and heart of Compassion Corps and would change the course of the Liberian coffee market. After years of civil war, Liberia’s coffee farmers had been left with no local market for their crop and no way to transport their beans to port for a fair price. When Compassion Corps set out to change all that, Cup of Compassion was born – a unique social enterprise, set on empowering smallholder farmers to rebuild their lives and communities with dignity.
Our brand is a unique social enterprise that partners with indigenous African farmers to offer them a fair price for their beans and a renewed hope for the future. With the profit from coffee sales here in the U.S., we also reinvest back into these farmers’ communities through educational projects, medical initiatives, clean water wells and more!
We promise to offer you delicious, perfectly roasted, premium African coffee. Whether you’re buying one bag or taking advantage of our monthly membership program, we promise that our partnerships with farmers will always be based on integrity and fairness, so you can rest assured that your purchase is bringing help and hope for those who need it most!

We’ve quickly expanded from marketing our original product, “Justice Java,” to now offering 2 additional Liberian options and two Ugandan products! Most recently, we’ve partnered with trusted community leadership in the Kilembe Mines area in western Uganda to launch “Pearl of Africa” and we have recently added a 100% arabica coffee, shade grown in the high Rwenzori Mountains, which we call “Rwenzori Roast.” Proceeds from sales of these Ugandan products will bring hope to the farmers of this remote region and inject new life into its recently flood-ravaged economy.


Cup of Compassion Celebrates the Launch of Exciting New Projects!

Proceeds from coffee sales go back into local African communities to promote health, education and sustainable development.

Our Happy Clients

It’s delicious, but don’t take our word for it!

Whether it’s Justice Java, Promise PerkLiberia LightPearl of Africa, or Rwenzori Roast , Cup of Compassion drinkers are loving this new coffee for a cause.

As an avid coffee drinker, I find Cup of Compassion to be bright and delicious. And the story behind the coffee makes the experience meaningful: Compassion Corps is improving quality of life for these farmers and I love the fact that I can be a part of their mission just by enjoying my morning coffee!
Andria Kaskey
I am a coffee drinker. I drink coffee every day, and I have to say that Cup of Compassion Promise Perk is the best coffee I have had. It’s smooth and delicious. There is no bitter aftertaste. DELICIOUS! Love it, love it, love it.
Fran Gill, Manager Bryn Mawr Trust, Glen Mills
I am a HUGE fan of the Cup Of Compassion whole bean Justice Java medium/dark roast. I have it every morning, iced or hot it is FABULOUS. It has become a staple in my kitchen. Speaking of which….I need to order more!
Heather Thompson, Branch Banker, Bryn Mawr Trust

Imagine the good that can be done when a simple cup of coffee means a better future for an entire community!

How Sweet It Is

Cup of Compassion is a brand of Compassion Corps, a coalition of concern, intent on alleviating suffering and advancing development in northern Africa through strategic partnerships.

In the endeavor of launching this new brand of coffee with a cause, those strategic partnerships took the form of contracts with African, small-holder farmers. Cup of Compassion is allowing them to rebuild with dignity and is facilitating the revitalization of the Liberian coffee market.

Hand-picked by farmers with Compassion Corps contracts
Hand-sorted by local workers, who receive a fair wage
Hand-processed for the best possible final product – delivered to you!

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It's So Much More Than Just a Bag of Beans

Introducing a unique social enterprise that offers a fair price & new opportunity for farmers.

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